When you Choose 189 Visa, you Choose Secure Australia PR

189 Australia Visa Consultant India

Do you want to set your professional life in a country like Australia? Are you a nature lover, or do you want to live in a country which offers maximum possibilities? If yes, it’s time to meet Visa Immigration Consultant IndiaAustralia is a country which is blessed with the forest, mountains, beaches and impressive landscapes. If yes, this is the perfect paradise for you!


The country offers a secure economy with multiple job opportunities. If you are excited to enjoy the high standard of living, medical care facilities and job opportunities, this is for you. Australia has been there as one of the desirous destinations by millions of people. There are endless possibilities in Australia, so you should apply for the FCC Visa.


What are the benefits of applying for 189 visas?


  • To get 189 Australian PR visas from Australia Visitor Visa Service in India, the candidate should earn 65 points.
  • This visa offers impressive healthcare facilities.
  • To apply for this Australia 189 Skilled Migration Visa India, the candidate’s age should be less than 50 years.
  • There is no sponsorship required for the visa.
  • The skill assessment to receive this visa depends upon the department of immigration.
  • The candidate is allowed to live, travel and, study, work in Australia for a long time.
  • The available PR status holder will also get the subsidized health care facility.
  • After having this PR status for a long period, the candidate should be eligible for Australian Citizenship.
  • The candidate should sponsor the relative to Australia. The candidate should meet the residency requirements.
  • With this 189 Australian visa, you will get the complete right to live, study and work in this country. However, approval from the Australian government is also required.
  • Children born in Australia are considered Australian citizens even if the parents have PR status/holders.


The requirement you should have for immigration Australian visa 189


Do you want to avail the benefits of the Subclass 189 Visa? If yes, you should meet the eligibility requirements which Tourist Visa Consultants India describes:

  • You should mention the choice of occupation.
  • Check the skilled occupation list.
  •  Create the profile & calculate the points
  • The points should be calculated based on age, Work Experience and, language proficiency, Education. The minimum score required to receive this 189 Visa is 65 points.
  • The candidate should be less than 50 years.
  • The candidate should have the proper skill assessment.
  • Complete your medical checkup requirements.
  • You should have the proper police clearance.

Are you excited to get this visa? If you fulfil all the requirements described above, you should hire the ideal 189 Australia Visa Consultant India.

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