Australia Visitor Visa

Australia Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa Subclass 600

Visitor Visa SC 600 is for individuals who want to visit Australia to see friends and family members, for business purposes, or as a tourist. It allows the visitors to travel and stay in Australia for up to 12 months

This temporary visa is helpful for visitors and tourists who are planning to make a short trip to Australia and explore the country.

Australia is known as the sixth-largest country in the globe. It is one of the best tourist destinations that is visited by people from different corners of the world. The country that is rich in fauna and flora is well-known for its beaches, the Gold Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, and much more. The deserts of Australia are also worth a visit. If you want to explore the country and experience the unique culture and lifestyle, applying for the Australia Visitor Visa is the best option. The visa will provide you with an opportunity to stay in the island continent and travel across the entire length and breadth of Australia.

The visitor visa allows you to visit the many tourist destinations in the different states and spend quality time with near and dear ones. You can visit different regions in Australia like Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The visitor visa provides individuals with the opportunity to enjoy holidaying, sightseeing, and recreation activities in Australia. You can visit your family and friends who are permanent residents of the country. The visa enables the applicants to visit Australia as many times as they want up to the period of one year.


  1. The purpose of the applicant must be only to visit Australia.
  2. The applicant must not work in Australia.
  3. The applicant must be able to meet the character and health requirements.
  4. The applicant must have enough finance to support the stay in Australia.
  5. The applicant must be willing to return to their own country before the visa expires.
  6. Separate application forms need to be submitted for individual family members.
  7. The applicant who wants the visitor visa to see friends and family must be sponsored by a permanent resident or an Australian citizen who is a family member.
  1. The applicant has to select a suitable subclass, depending on the purpose of the visit to Australia.
  2. The applicant needs to collect the necessary documents and submit the visa application.
  3. On meeting the eligibility requirements, the applicant will be provided with a visitor visa.

The Visitor Visa SC 600 for individuals provides temporary residency in Australia. FCC makes the whole visa application process easier and offers essential assistance throughout. It can assist you to:

  1. Prepare relative sponsorship applications
  2. Submit and monitor the visa application
  3. Communicate with visa authorities and keep track of the visa application process until its successful grant


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